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Katie Murphy and Patrick Olson finish MS degrees

Katie Murphy and Patrick Olson both finished their MS degrees in July. Katie will be working for the Kansas Department of Environmental Quality in Topeka, and Patrick is looking for a job in the Fort Collins area. We wish them both a great future and will miss them!  

We are looking for a postdoc to join our lab

POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE – UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA Shifting hotspots: How do consumer aggregations interact to influence resource heterogeneity and fluxes in streams? We are seeking a Postdoctoral Associate to work on an NSF funded project examining how interacting groups of consumers influence resource heterogeneity in streams. This is a collaborative project between Caryn Vaughn at the University […]

Welcome Traci Popejoy, new PhD student

I am interested in conservation biology, biogeography and community ecology in freshwater systems. I believe multiple forms of evidence are essential to support conservation discussions. For my master’s thesis, I compared freshwater mussel shells from two archaeological sites to a contemporary survey and discussed the conservation implications of this comparison, such as potential habitat change. […]