Caryn presents keynote address at European Malacological Congress

Caryn attended the 8th European Malacological Congress in Krakow, Poland, Sept 10 -14, where she gave an invited keynote address over ecosystem services provided by freshwater mussels.

Katie Murphy and Patrick Olson finish MS degrees

Katie Murphy and Patrick Olson both finished their MS degrees in July. Katie will be working for the Kansas Department of Environmental Quality in Topeka, and Patrick is looking for a job in the Fort Collins area. We wish them both a great future and will miss them!  

Brent Tweedy presents his PhD work to the Biology Department

Brent discusses his research on freshwater mussels and interactions between climate-related increases in temperature and mercury contamination in the environment in a seminar presented to the Biology Department on April 19.    

Kiamichi River and water scarcity

The Kiamichi watershed is now a case study for an international group examining water scarcity and social-ecological systems.