Our paper recently published online in Ecology was selected as a “must read” paper by the Faculty of 1000:

Allen, Daniel C., Caryn C. Vaughn, Jeffrey F. Kelly, Joshua T. Cooper and Michael H. Engel.  2012. Bottom-up biodiversity effects increase resource subsidy flux between ecosystems.  Ecology, doi 10.19890_11-1541.1.

Evaluation comments:

“This is a very interesting study that carefully tracks how changes in biodiversity in a freshwater community (in this case, of a mussel) influences the adjacent terrestrial food web through changes in algal community structure and the resulting increase in the availability of aquatic insects (prey for spiders). This paper highlights the often underestimated subsidy of freshwater to terrestrial food webs and illustrates the influence of biodiversity changes in one ecosystem on adjacent ones, an issue also relevant to conservation and global change ecology.”

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